Monthly Archives: November 2013

Data Structures Retrospective

The hash table was the last data structure on the list that inspired this project (linked lists, binary trees, tries, stacks, queues, array lists, hash tables). Next up is algorithms; breadth-first, depth-first and binary search; merge and quicksort; and various tree algorithms like find and insert.

During this project, I’ve become much more comfortable with generics in C# and Java, and re-familiarized myself with Visual Studio and Eclipse. I like Studio better, which I expected based on my more recent familiarity, but it’s also a much faster environment. Because my C# IDE is more comfortable than my Java IDE, I’m coming to prefer C# over Java, even though Java was my first language. This might mean that if I’m looking for a big grey corporate job I’ll prioritize C#.

I hadn’t done much Python before, and I still haven’t. I like the brevity. I don’t like not having autocomplete.

PHP made me more money than the others, back when programming was my primary job duty instead of something we shoehorned into my title to make me happy. But I never got past using Notepad++ instead of an IDE, and that hurt a little bit here. When I have to actually think, it’s really helpful to have the interpreter and the breakpoints and even the autocomplete – the print statements that I use to debug PHP are workable, but it’s like using a hand drill instead of a power tool. Not only does it slow me down, it breaks my flow. I’ll need to look at a heavier stack for PHP development in the future.